Our startup focused on video analytic software in smart cities. Mainly in the field of Intelligence Transportation Systems (ITS) and Video surveillance.

In ITS we developed two Computer vision-based software:

  1. Traffic Monitoring: Using video frames acquired by cameras installed on roads and highways, and computer vision technology in real-time, our traffic monitoring system detects and counts all passing vehicles with detailed information. The collected data will provide an insight into the design and development of traffic signaling.
  2. Red-light Enforcement: one of the key components of traffic law enforcement to increase intersections’ safety is red-light enforcement. It includes red-light runner detecting, turning against the traffic light, and stopping at the non-stopping zone. It also records all traffic data in intersections.

In video surveillance, we are developing a Video summarization tool that compacts video events as short as possible. It also indexes video objects and makes them searchable.